Track Adjusters

Crawler Excavator Track Adjusters


Track adjusters are a device in the track frame located between the front idler and the recoil spring, allowing the movement of the front idler for adjusting the track chain’s tension. Berch offers a wide array of complete track adjuster assemblies, recoil springs and components for a wide range of usage in excavation applications.

Maintaining the proper track tension is critical to keeping the track running properly. Track adjustors are designed to absorb shock, provide the right amount of tension, and protect the idlers and track systems. A weak or broken recoil spring, and adjusters working incorrectly may shorten the track and idler life.

Berch adjustors and recoil springs are engineered to provide the proper tension, and excellent service in demanding applications and extreme operating conditions.

Model Selection according to customer need numbers

All Berch track adjusters have a one year warranty, and are applicable for use in Komatsu, Kobelco, Daewoo, Hyundai, Volvo, Jcb and other vehicles. We can also carry out OEM services according to customer drawings and samples.

Our company can provide Track Adjusters according to the OEM numbers as follows.

311B~ PC400-5/6

Model Part No. Part Name
311B 311BTA Track Adjuster
312B 312BTA Track Adjuster
320B 320BTA Track Adjuster
320C 320CTA Track Adjuster
330B 330BTA Track Adjuster
330C 330CTA Track Adjuster
345B 7Y1635 Track Adjuster
EX100-5 9144654 Track Adjuster
EX120-2/3 9092563 Track Adjuster
EX120-5 9144656 Track Adjuster
EX200-3 9090028 Track Adjuster
EX200-5 9144658 Track Adjuster
EX300-2/3 9097317 Track Adjuster
EX300-5 9159015 Track Adjuster
EX400-3/5 9099143 Track Adjuster
EX450 9155799 Track Adjuster
ZX200 9186437 Track Adjuster
ZX230 9188175 Track Adjuster
ZX450 9155799 Track Adjuster
PC200-5/6 PC200TA Track Adjuster
PC300-5/6 PC300TA Track Adjuster
PC400-5/6 PC400TA Track Adjuster
Recoil Spring


Model Part No. Part Name
CAT320 7Y1606 Recoil Spring
CAT325 7Y0631 Recoil Spring
CAT330 4I7401 Recoil Spring
E200B 964269 Recoil Spring
EX100-1 3034934 Recoil Spring
EX120-1 3034938 Recoil Spring
EX120-2 3050436 Recoil Spring
EX200-1 3033357 Recoil Spring
EX200-2/3 3047941 Recoil Spring
EX300-1 3036410 Recoil Spring
EX300-5 3078696 Recoil Spring
EX400-1 2024233 Recoil Spring
EX400-3 2030998 Recoil Spring
PC60-6 201-30-62310 Recoil Spring
PC100/120-5 203-30-42242 Recoil Spring
PC100/120-6 203-30-66250 Recoil Spring
PC200-3/PC220 206-30-45280 Recoil Spring
PC200-5 20Y-30-12110 Recoil Spring
PC200LC-5 20Y-30-29160 Recoil Spring
PC200- 206-30-55170 Recoil Spring
6/PC220-5 207-30-19520 Recoil Spring
PC300/3 207-30-54140 Recoil Spring
PC300-5 207-30-68490 Recoil Spring
PC300-6 208-30-54140 Recoil Spring
Recoil Spring
SK120-3 2417P273 Recoil Spring
SK200 2417P479 Recoil Spring
SK200-3 2417P272 Recoil Spring
SK200-5 2417P242 Recoil Spring
SK300-3 2417P265 Recoil Spring
SH200-3/SH220-3 KRA1607 Recoil Spring
SH250-3/SH300-3 KSA1067 Recoil Spring
Tension Cylinder
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