Track Chains

Used as Crawler Excavator Track Chains, Dozer Track Chains, Crawler Crane Track Chains, Crawler Drill Rig Track Chains


Track chains, also called track link assembly, is part of the undercarriage for crawler heavy equipment including excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and drilling machines. Track link assemblies connect the forward motion generated through pedaling or other motion to the sprocket or gear wheel in order to generate a forward movement.

Excavator Track Link Assembly
Sealed and greased excavator track chains decrease internal friction and reduce chain noise. Berch tracks are engineered to perform well, even in harsh working conditions. Track chains use Boron steel forgings, polyurethane dish seals, extreme pressure synthetic grease and T style master pins for easy installation. Each part of the track link assembly contributes to the strength and extended service life.

Model Selection according to customer need numbers

The excavator track link assembly is applicable in Komatsu, Kobelco, Hitachi, Daewoo, Hyundai, Volvo and Jcb vehicles. We also offer OEM services according to customer drawings and samples.

Our company can provide Track Chains according to the OEM numbers as follows.


Model OEM Part No.
E120B 990648 Track Chain
E200B 096-4301 Track Chain
E311 4I7479 Track Chain
E312 990648 Track Chain
E315 1028124 Track Chain
E320 9W9353 Track Chain
E325 6Y0854 Track Chain
E330 6Y2755 Track Chain


Model OEM Part No.
PC60-1 201-32-00113 Track Chain
PC60-3/5 201-32-00131 Track Chain
PC60-6 201-32-00200 Track Chain
PC60-7 201-32-00300 Track Chain
PC100-1/2 202-32-00116 Track Chain
PC100-3 202-32-00131 Track Chain
PC100-5 202-32-00201 Track Chain
PC100-6 202-32-00202 Track Chain
PC120-1/2 202-32-00131 Track Chain
PC120-3 202-32-00011 Track Chain
PC120-5/6 202-32-00101 Track Chain
PC200-1/2 205-32-00031 Track Chain
PC200-3 205-32-00051 Track Chain
PC200-5/6 20Y-32-00013 Track Chain
PC200-7 20Y-32-00300 Track Chain
PC220-1/2 206-32-00011 Track Chain
PC220-3 206-32-00032 Track Chain
PC220-5/6 206-32-00103 Track Chain
PC300-1 207-32-00010 Track Chain
PC300-2 207-32-00031 Track Chain
PC300-3/5 207-32-00100 Track Chain
PC300-6 207-32-00300 Track Chain
PC300-7 207-32-00310 Track Chain
PC400-1 208-32-00011 Track Chain
PC400-5 208-32-00101 Track Chain
PC400-6 208-32-00300 Track Chain


Model OEM Part No.
EX60 9096710 Track Chain
EX60-2/3 9096710 Track Chain
EX60-5 9156478 Track Chain
EX100 9091948 Track Chain
EX100-2/3 9092929 Track Chain
EX100-5 9143278 Track Chain
EX120-1 9091951 Track Chain
EX120-2/3 9092932 Track Chain
EX120-5 9138747 Track Chain
EX200-1 9066724 Track Chain
EX200-2/3 9092517 Track Chain
EX200-5 9135631 Track Chain
EX220 9093029 Track Chain
EX220-2/3 9093029 Track Chain
EX220-5 9180319 Track Chain
EX270-1/2 9070645 Track Chain
EX270-5 9180884 Track Chain
EX300-1/2/3 9070645 Track Chain
EX300-5 9156481 Track Chain
EX330-5 9156481 Track Chain
EX400-2/3 9133225 Track Chain
EX400-5 9133225 Track Chain


Model OEM Part No.
SK60 24100N6311F2 Track Chain
SK120 24100J12245F5 Track Chain
SK200 24100J11338F2 Track Chain
SK300 24100J15218F2 Track Chain


Model OEM Part No.
DH200 2272-9004 Track Chain
DH220 2272-1025 Track Chain
DH280 2272-6047 Track Chain


Model OEM Part No.
R200 5601354 Track Chain
R210 81EM-20010 Track Chain
R290 175-8822 Track Chain

Bulldozer Track Chain
Sealed and lubricated track chains are specifically designed for an increased pin and bushing retention. The track link incorporates a greater pin-to-link and bushing-to-link contact areas where additional link wear material increases the component life. Exclusive heat treatments give Berch links a consistent surface hardness, a superior hardened depth and a strong core hardness. Berch pins and bushings are dimensionally matched to the links and manufactured to provide an excellent track joint reliability, while the design ensures a maximum sealing performance. All of this leads to an excellent wear resistance, strength and durability for a great sealing performance and longer service life.

Our bulldozer track chains are applicable to Komatsu and Shantui vehicles. We can also offer OEM services according to customer drawings and samples.


Model OEM Part No.
D3C 6Y1339 Track Chain
D4D 1V4599 Track Chain
D5 5S0816 Track Chain
D5H 6Y3595 Track Chain
D6D 3P1118 Track Chain
D6H 6Y3519 Track Chain
D7G 3P0629 Track Chain
D8K 9W8938 Track Chain
D20/D21 102-32-00030 Track Chain
D30/D31 111-32-00033 Track Chain
D50 131-32-00064 Track Chain
D60/D65 141-32-00061 Track Chain
D80/D85 154-32-00112 Track Chain
D155 175-32-00119 Track Chain
Examples we have made
  • D9L
  • D10R
  • Lubricated chain
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