Front Idlers, Rear Idlers

Used as Crawler Excavator Idlers, Dozer Idlers, Crawler Crane Idlers, Crawler Drill Rig Idlers


The idler assembly, which is also called the idler group, is used in undercarriage parts for crawler heavy equipment including excavators, bulldozers, cranes and drilling machines.

Berch idler groups are manufactured using quality casting steel for a superior wear resistance. Whether cast or forged, Berch's front and rear idlers provide superior structural support and resurfacing capabilities. A special heat treatment ensures the proper hardness level, which offers a long wear resistance. The seal groups ensure a lifetime lubrication which eliminated idler maintenance and reduces operating costs.

Model Selection according to customer need numbers

We guarantee a one year warranty on all cast or forged idlers. Each idler is applicable to Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Daewoo, Hyundai, Volvo, Jcb and others. We also offer OEM services according to drawings and samples.

Our company can provide Front Idlers, Rear Idlers according to the OEM numbers as follows.


Model OEM Part No.
E120B 4I7337 Idler
E200B 1132907 Idler
311/312 4I7337 Idler
315/320 1132907 Idler
325 1028155 Idler
330 1028152 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
PC60-1/3 201-30-00130 Idler
PC60-5/6 201-30-00012 Idler
PC60-7 201-30-00260 Idler
PC100-1/2 202-30-00016 Idler
PC100-3 203-30-00100 Idler
PC100-5 203-30-00133 Idler
PC100-6 203-30-00210 Idler
PC120-1/2 202-30-00016 Idler
PC120-3 203-30-00100 Idler
PC120-5 203-30-00133 Idler
PC120-6 203-30-00210 Idler
PC200-1 205-30-00015 Idler
PC200-2 205-30-00073 Idler
PC200-3 205-30--00182 Idler
PC200-5/6 20Y-30-00030 Idler
PC200-7 20Y-30-00320 Idler
PC220-1 205-30-00015 Idler
PC220-2 205-30-00073 Idler
PC220-3 205-30--00182 Idler
PC220-5/6 20Y-30-00030 Idler
PC300-1/2 207-30-00013 Idler
PC300-3/5/6 207-30-00160 Idler
PC300-7 207-30-00161 Idler
PC400-1 208-30-00013 Idler
PC400-3 208-30-00071 Idler
PC400-5 208-30-00200 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
EX60 9125766 Idler
EX60-2/3 9097575 Idler
EX60-5 9154166 Idler
EX100-1 9068144 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
D3C 9N4173 Idler
D4D/D4E 1M8867 Idler
D4H 190-1534 Idler
D4H 190-1551 Idler
D5 CR3190 Idler
D5H 161-7549 Idler
D6C/D6D 7T4562 Idler
D6H/D6R 2024296 Idler
D6H/D6R 2024304 Idler
D7F/D7G 7T4509 Idler
D8K CR4096 Idler
D8N/D8R 9W9987 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
EX100-2 9092973 Idler
EX100-3 9143388 Idler
EX100-5 9134216 Idler
EX120-1 9068144 Idler
EX120-2 9098144 Idler
EX120-3/5 9143388 Idler
EX200-1 9066393 Idler
EX200-2/3 9143400 Idler
EX200-5 9145269 Idler
EX220-1/2 9089384 Idler
EX220-3 9143400 Idler
EX220-5 9145269 Idler
EX270-1/2 9115208 Idler
EX270-5 9151028 Idler
EX300-1/2/3 9115208 Idler
EX300-5/EX330-5 9154690 Idler
EX400-1 9074011 Idler
EX400-3/5 9134295 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
SK100/SK120 24100N6504F1 Idler
SK200-3 24100N5948F2 Idler
SK220 24100J11697F1 Idler
SK300 24100N3099F4 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
SH120 KNA0540 Idler
SH200 KRA1198 Idler
SH300 C8A0173 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
DH180/DH220 2270-1064 Idler
DH280/DH320 2270-1084 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
R200 E181-2004 Idler
R210-3 81EM-14010 Idler
R210LC-7 81N6-13010 Idler
R290 81E8-2004 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
EC210 1181-00030 Idler
EC240 1181-00030 Idler
EC290 1181-00721 Idler
EC360 1081-03910 Idler
EC460 1081-02222 Idler


Model OEM Part No.
D8N/D8R 9W9989 Idler
D9N/D9R 7T2769 Idler
D10N/D10R 7T0962 Idler
D20/D21 103-30-00120 Idler
D30/D31 113-30-00102 Idler
D50 131-30-00285 Idler
D65-8 144-30-00038 Idler
D65-12 14X-30-00112 Idler
D85-18 154-30-00293 Idler
D85-21 154-30-00770 Idler
D155A-1 175-30-00575 Idler
D355A-3 195-30-00283 Idler
Examples we have made
  • E320
  • EX270-5
  • R210-7
  • SK220
  • ZX200
  • D155A-3
  • D355A-3
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