Sprockets and Segments

Used as Crawler Excavator Sprockets, Dozer Sprockets, Crawler Crane Sprockets, Crawler Drill Rig Sprockets


The sprocket, or segment, is also another component to undercarriages of crawler heavy equipment including excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and drilling machines.

Brech sprockets are cast using a specific steel material blend for abrasion resistance and strength, machined for a proper fit and finally, heat treated to provide long term durability. The sprockets undergo deep induction hardening to provide an excellent depth pattern on the entire tooth profile, giving it a longer service life. Berch segments ensure maximum resistance and durability, even under severe conditions.

Our sprockets and segments are forged using the finest alloy forging steels that are machined to exact tolerances, and heat treated to provide excellent wear and strength characteristics. Berch’s segments are also hardened for an improved wear resistance. A high surface, depth, and core hardness means Berch segments provide a long wear life, are resistant to bending, breaking and feature maximum hardware retention.

Berch guarantees a one year warranty on all sprockets and segments.

Model Selection according to customer need numbers

Our sprockets and segments are applicable to Komatsu, Hitachi, Daewoo, Volvo, Hyundai, Jcb and other construction vehicle companies. We also provide OEM services according to customer drawings and samples.

Our company can provide Sprockets and Segments according to the OEM numbers as follows.


Model OEM Part No.
E120B 990219 Sprocket
E200B 964327 Sprocket
E311/312 4I7472 Sprocket
E320/322 8E9805 Sprocket
E325 6Y4898 Sprocket
E330 6Y5685 Sprocket


Model OEM Part No.
PC60-1 201-27-11530 Sprocket
PC60-3/5 201-27-41110 Sprocket
PC60-6/7 21W-27-11110 Sprocket
PC100-1 113-27-21410 Sprocket
PC100-2 20X-27-21110 Sprocket
PC100-3 203-27-41111 Sprocket
PC100-5 203-27-51310 Sprocket
PC100-6 203-27-61310 Sprocket
PC120-1 113-27-21410 Sprocket
PC120-2 113-98-22210 Sprocket
PC120-3 203-27-41111 Sprocket
PC120-5 203-27-51310 Sprocket
PC120-6 203-27-61310 Sprocket
PC200-1/2/3 205-27-71281 Sprocket
PC200-5/6 20Y-27-11581 Sprocket
PC200-7 20Y-27-11582 Sprocket
PC220-1/2 206-27-21111 Sprocket
PC220-3 205-27-71281 Sprocket
PC220-5/6 20Y-27-11581 Sprocket
PC300-1 207-27-21310 Sprocket
PC300-2 207-27-21311 Sprocket
PC300-3/5 207-27-33222 Sprocket
PC300-6/7 207-27-61210 Sprocket
PC400-3/5 208-27-31221 Sprocket


Model OEM Part No.
D3C 9W9266 Sprocket
D4D 4V4107 Sprocket
D4H 6Y5245 Sprocket
D5 6Y5244 Sprocket
D5H CR5513 Sprocket
D6C/D6D 8P5837 Sprocket
D6H 6Y2931 Sprocket
D7G 6T4178 Sprocket
D8K/D8H 6T6782 Sprocket


Model OEM Part No.
EX60 1010447 Sprocket
EX60-2/3 1012495 Sprocket
EX60-5 1024217 Sprocket
EX100-1/2/3/5 1010325 Sprocket
EX120-1/2/3/5 1010325 Sprocket
EX200-1 1010204 Sprocket
EX200-2/3 1018740 Sprocket
EX200-5 1020990 Sprocket
EX220-1/2/3/5 1010203 Sprocket
EX270-1/2 1010467 Sprocket
EX270-5 1017928 Sprocket
EX300-1/2/3 1010467 Sprocket
EX300-5/EX330-5 1022168 Sprocket
EX400-1/2/3/5 1010956 Sprocket


Model OEM Part No.
SK100/SK120 2404N271 Sprocket
SK200-3 2404N262 Sprocket
SK220-3/5 2404N264 Sprocket
SK300 2404N256 Sprocket


Model OEM Part No.
DH200LC 2108-1014 Sprocket
DH220-3/5 2108-1028 Sprocket
DH280-3 2108-1015 Sprocket


Model OEM Part No.
R200 82E1-2001 Sprocket
R210LC-3 81EM-10010 Sprocket
R210LC-7 81EM-10013 Sprocket
R290 81E5-2001 Sprocket


Model OEM Part No.
EC210 1181-00050 Sprocket
EC240 1181-00380 Sprocket
EC290 1181-00680 Sprocket
EC360 1081-01850 Sprocket
EC460 1081-02210 Sprocket


Model OEM Part No.
D8N/D8R 6Y2354 Sprocket
D20/D21 101-98-00050 Sprocket
D30/D31 113-27-31320 Sprocket
D50 131-27-61710 Sprocket
D60/D65-8 141-27-32410 Sprocket
D65EX-12 14X-27-15111 Sprocket
D80/D85 155-27-00151 Sprocket
D155 175-27-22324 Sprocket
D355 195-27-12466 Sprocket
Examples we have made
  • E320
  • EX200-5
  • EX300-1
  • ZX330
  • D65
  • D6H
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