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Other Heavy Equipment Parts

    1. Heavy Equipment Bolts and Nuts We have a multitude of bolts and nuts that are applicable for track shoes, sprockets, segments, idlers, track rollers, carrier rollers, swing bearings, cutting edges, end bits, and side cutters.
    1. Excavator Pins and Bushings Our pins and bushings are manufactured using alloy steel and undergo an induction hardness procedure that increases the wear and corrosion resistance, as well as gives the pins and bushings a longer service life.
    1. Bucket Linkages Bucket linkages are wearing parts that are necessary to attach buckets to the excavator. These links consist of the bucket link themselves (H-link), and the link rod. Our bucket links are reinforced (see above photo) and a reinforced link rod (thicker steel plate).
    1. Swing Bearings Helong's swing bearings are applicable for use in Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Kato, Sumitomo, Daewoo, Hyundai, and Volvo vehicles, among others. We can also carry out OEM service according to customer technical drawings and samples.
    1. Excavator Gears and Shafts Swing gears and final drive gears are manufactured to precise tolerances for a reliable operation. The manufacturing process includes a heat treatment process to increase the bending strength, prevent case crushing, and provide an exceptional wear resistance for a long service life.
    1. Heavy Duty Filters Filters are used in hydraulic system of rolling mill, caster filter and various kinds of lubrication of filtering, petrochemicals, oil refining, chemical production process of products and the separation of intermediate.
    1. Seal Kits We supply a variety of seal kits for excavators, including boom cylinder kits, arm cylinder seal kits, bucket cylinder seal kits, center joint seal kits, track adjuster seal kits, main pump seal kits, travel motor seal kits, control valve seal kits, swing motor seal kits, and excavator O-ring boxes and O-ring kits.
    1. Hydraulic Pump By transmitting hydraulic fluid through the machine to the hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders, the motors and cylinders are then pressurized according to the required resistance.