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Excavator Gears and Shafts

We offer a wide range of gears for excavators, including planetary gears, swing gears, and final drive gears. Planetary gears must withstand high torque levels generated by an engine and be able to transfer the load to move equipment.

Swing gears and final drive gears are manufactured to precise tolerances for a reliable operation. The manufacturing process includes a heat treatment process to increase the bending strength, prevent case crushing, and provide an exceptional wear resistance for a long service life.

Excavator swing gears must be able to handle a complex load range that covers a number of combinations for thrust, radial, and tilting loads. Failure can be prevented by conducting regular inspections and maintenance of the swing gear, pinion gear, and bearings.

  • Motor Gear Shaft
  • Planetary Gear
  • Sun Gear
  • Swing Vertical Shaft
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