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Heavy Equipment Bolts and Nuts


The quality of nuts and bolts depends on the material they are made from, and the hardness levels. We offer two quality levels, depending on the material the nuts and bolts are made from.

10.9 grade nuts and bolts are made from 40Cr and have a hardness level of 33-36 HRC.

12.9 grade buts and bolts are made from 35CrMo and have a hardness level of 36-42HRC.

We have a multitude of bolts and nuts that are applicable for track shoes, sprockets, segments, idlers, track rollers, carrier rollers, swing bearings, cutting edges, end bits, and side cutters.

We also offer OEM services according to drawings and samples.

Model Selection according to customer need numbers

Our company can provide Heavy Equipment Bolts and Nuts according to the OEM numbers as follows.


Part Number Dimension Part Name
203-32-51210+203-32-51220 M16*1.5*53 Track Bolt & Nut
130-32-11213+130-32-11220 M16*1.5*57 Track Bolt & Nut
135-32-11211+135-32-11221 M18*1.5*57 Track Bolt & Nut
9W3619+9W3361 M20*1.5*55 Track Bolt & Nut
2404T2749 M20*1.5*60 Track Bolt & Nut
6Y0846+9W3361 M20*1.5*63 Track Bolt & Nut
6Y9024+9W4381 M22*1.5*67 Track Bolt & Nut
8E6103+9W4381 M22*1.5*73 Track Bolt & Nut
208-32-51210+208-32-51220 M24*1.5*65F Track Bolt & Nut
176-32-11210+178-32-11220 M24*1.5*75 Track Bolt & Nut
195-32-11210+195-32-11221 M27*2.0*82 Track Bolt & Nut
6Y7432+6Y7433 M27*2.0*90 Track Bolt & Nut
195-32-61210+195-32-61221 M30*2.0*96 Track Bolt & Nut


Part Number Dimension Part Name
5P4684 9/16"*2 7/8"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
5P4683 9/16"*4 1/8"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
3T8601 5/8"*2 19/32"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
5P0569 5/8"*4 5/16"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
6V1793 3/4"*3 9/64"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
3P1111 3/4"*5 1/2"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
6V1724 7/8"*3 25/32"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
6V1725 7/8"*5 5/64"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
6V1727 1"*4 21/64"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
7T0998 1 1/8"*6 29/64"UNF Split Master Link Bolt
130-32-21252 M16*1.5*82 Split Master Link Bolt
79039344 M18*1.5*96 Split Master Link Bolt
144-32-21342 M19*1.5*98 Split Master Link Bolt
134-32-61310 M20*1.5*90 Split Master Link Bolt
154-32-41292 M20*1.5*120 Split Master Link Bolt
79035319 M22*1.5*115 Split Master Link Bolt
175-32-81192 M24*1.5*105 Split Master Link Bolt
195-32-23140 M27*2.0*147 Split Master Link Bolt
195-30-61350 M30*2.0*168 Split Master Link Bolt


Part Number Dimension Part Name
9W9265+8H5724 1/2"*1 1/2"UNF Segment Bolt & Nut
3S8182+7H3607 5/8"*1 7/8"UNF Segment Bolt & Nut
6V0937+7H3607 5/8"*2 7/64"UNF Segment Bolt & Nut
1171617+7H3608 3/4"*1 15/16"UNF Segment Bolt & Nut
5P7665+7H3608 3/4"*2 1/2"UNF Segment Bolt & Nut
9S2727+7H3609 7/8"*2 9/16"UNF Segment Bolt & Nut
9W8328+7H3609 7/8"*3 3/16"UNF Segment Bolt & Nut
5P0233+2M5656 1"*3"UNS Segment Bolt & Nut
5P5422+2M5656 1"*3 5/8"UNS Segment Bolt & Nut
155-27-12181+01803-02228 M22*1.5*71 Segment Bolt & Nut
178-27-11150+01803-02430 M24*1.5/26*80 Segment Bolt & Nut
195-27-31641+195-27-31871 M24*1.5*90 Segment Bolt & Nut
SM27095 M27*2*95 Segment Bolt & Nut


Part Number Dimension Part Name
4F3654+4K0367 5/8"*2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
4F3568+4K0367 5/8"*3"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
4F7827+2J3506 3/4"*2 1/4"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
4F0253+2J3506 3/4"*4 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
6F0196+2J3505 7/8"*2 3/4"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
2J2548+2J3505 7/8"*3 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
3J2801+2J3507 1"*2 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
1J4948+2J3507 1"*3 3/4"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
1J3527+2J3507 1"*4 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
1J4947+2J3507 1"*5 1/4"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
8T9079+3K9770 1 1/4"*3 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
6V8363+3K9770 1 1/4"*4 3/5"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
5P8361+3K9770 1 1/4"*5"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
154-70-11143+02290-11219 3/4"*2 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
154-70-11143+02290-11219 3/4"*3 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
175-71-11461+02290-11422 7/8"*3 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
195-71-11461+02290-11625 1"*4"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut
02091-12020+02290-12031 1 1/4"*4 1/2"UNC Plow Bolt & Nut


Part Number Dimension Part Name
3V4247 3/4"-10*3 3/16UNF Wheel Bolt
1V3323 3/4"-16*2 3/8"UNF Wheel Bolt
Examples we have made
  • Bolt and nut
  • Bolt for cutting edge
  • Bolt for idler
  • Bolt for sprocket
  • Bolt for swing bearing
  • Bolt for track roller
  • Bolt for track shoe
  • Nut
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