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We are committed to providing our customers with the right undercarriage parts, ground engaging tools, and excavator buckets and cylinders at top quality to exact specifications at a competitive pricing. Our mission is to make continuous improvements in both products and services to meet customer needs. We have 24 hour service available to our customers, and expert personnel on hand to help you at any time. For any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us via fax, telephone or email.

Technical Consultation
We choose products for our customers, based on what they tell us for application needs. Each part or tool is manufactured using different materials, with a hardness ranging from HRC20 to HRC52. In order to meet different requests, we can complete OEM orders for customers whose monthly purchase amount is over 30 tons, and then, only with the customer's brand authorization.

Pre-Sale Service
1. Technical consultation
2. Introduction to our company and products, including company scale, production capacity, warranty period, delivery time, and payment terms
3. Customers are welcome to visit and learn more.
4. Customers can also request samples to test the quality before formal purchasing.

In Sales Service
After an order is confirmed, we will arrange for production to begin immediately. The specific delivery time does vary on the product model and quantities. We will keep customers informed and up to date on the production progress and the shipment schedule via email. We will always make sure an order is finished on time.

After Sales Service
We provide a guarantee on all products. Within the warranty period, if customers have any problems with products that are not caused by misuse or incorrect installation, we will compensate clients according to the specific situation. For any damages that occur during use please send us a photo of the damaged part. Our engineers will then determine if it is a manufacturing fault.

Listed below is warranty periods for our different products:
1. Track Roller: one year
2. Carrier Roller: one year
3. Sprocket: one year
4. Idler Assy: one Year
5. Track Chain: one year
6. Track Shoe: one year
7. Excavator buckets: three months
8. Excavator cylinders: six months

OEM Service
Customers need only provide us with samples or technical drawings, and we will produce new molds for your products.

One-Stop Purchasing Service
If we don't have the products customers need, we will offer one-stop urchasing services to meet those needs. If you have purchased products from a different company, at the same time you've purchased us, we offer joint shipping, and can receive the other products before shipping both orders together in one container.

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